2024 7th International Conference on Electron Device and Mechanical Engineering (ICEDME 2024)

Speakers of 2024


Guests of ICEDME 2023

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Prof. Adrian David Cheok AM FRSA

School of Automation, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology

IEEE Senior Member

Brief Introduction: Professor Adrian David Cheok AM FRSA is Member of the Order of Australia, Professor of Najing university of information & technolgy, Fellow of Sigma Xi (USA), Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (UK), Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (UK), Fellow of The Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

Personal linkhttps://ieeexplore.ieee.org/author/37283307100    https://adriancheok.info/profile/


Assoc. Prof. Shirui Guo

Zhongyuan University of Technology, China

Brief Introduction: Guo Shirui, Associate Professor, Doctor of Engineering, Master Supervisor, is mainly engaged in the research of laser cladding metal additive manufacturing. He is the deputy secretary of Additive Manufacturing Committee of Henan Mechanical Engineering Society, the invited expert of the Digital-Design-Dimensions Show, the person in charge of the Zhengzhou Key Laboratory of Laser Additive Manufacturing Technology, the moderator of theAdditive Manufacturing Technology course of Henan Provincial Graduate Degree Teaching Case Project and the first-class undergraduate courses in Henan Province, the famous teacher of the university, and the backbone teacher of the university disciplines. He has presided over the key R&D and promotion projects in Henan Province, the key research projects of higher education institutions in Henan Province, the science and technology program of Zhengzhou City, the science and technology program of China National Textile And Apparel Council, Foundation for University Key Teacher by the Ministry of Education of China, etc. He has also participated in the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National International Scientific and Technological Cooperation projects, and the projects of enterprises. He is a member of the editorial board of SCI international journalLasers in Engineering, a reviewer of domestic and international journals such asMeasurement,Surface and Coatings Technology,Vacuum,Nonferrous Metals Engineering, etc., He has published 61 scientific research papers in domestic and international journals such asOptics and Lasers in Engineering,Materials Testing,Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, Optical Engineering, etc., including 19 SCI/EI papers. He is the first inventor of 6 authorized invention patents, and has published the bookLaser Cladding Additive Manufacturing Technology in China Textile&Apparel Press and won the second prize of China National Textile And Apparel Council's Excellent Publication, and the translation ofTheory of Applied Robotics: Kinematics, Dynamics, and Control in China Machine Press. He was awarded the first prize of Henan Provincial Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, the first prize of Henan Provincial Education Department Science and Technology Achievement Award, and the first prize of Henan Provincial Education Department Excellent Science and Technology Thesis Award.

Personal link: https://msec.scu.edu.cn/info/1121/3523.htm

Title: Research on the Application of Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning in the Field of Laser Cladding Additive Manufacturing

Abstract: Additive manufacturing (AM) attracts much attention as an advanced forming method, and provides good compensation for conventional manufacturing methods. However the AM process development and optimization usually requires costly and time-consuming trial-and-error experiments thereby limiting the further application of AM.Optimization studies of laser cladding processes require fast and obtain a large number of performance indicators of the coating sample to feed back the corresponding processing process, and the process monitoring and sample quality evaluation can ensure the forming performance and effectively save costs.Machine learning(ML) as a new type of artificial intelligence technology can accelerate the research and development in many aspects of AM. In this regard, thisteam combines machine learning with themelt pool morphology in the process monitoring of laser cladding experiments, the detection of microstructure dendrites and cladding layer morphology in the image of cladding specimens in the post-processing of laser cladding experimental specimens asthe research object,the application of artificial intelligence machine learning in the field of laser cladding additive manufacturing is researched.


Prof. Fengming Du

Dalian Maritime University, China

Brief Introduction: Du Fengming, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Master supervisor, postdoctoral fellow of Marine and Ocean Engineering Mobile Station. Her research interests include Marine tribology and computer simulation of diesel engine friction and wear. He won the title of "One hundred Million Talents Project" in Liaoning Province, "Dalian Youth Science and Technology Star", "Dalian High-level Talents - Young Talents", and one Natural Science Academic Achievement Award in Liaoning Province. He presided over 1 special sub-project of vehicle and ship power of the National Defense Science and Industry Administration, 1 key project of Liaoning Province Natural Science Foundation, 1 project of Liaoning Province Shipping Joint Fund, 1 project of China Postdoctoral Fund, 1 project of Dalian High-level Talent Innovation Support Program, 2 special funds of central universities Basic scientific Research Operations, and 1 horizontal project. Participated in the National Natural Science Foundation, the Ministry of Equipment Development pre-research project, the National Defense Science and Industry Administration project, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology high-tech ship project and more than 10 horizontal projects. More than 50 academic papers have been published, more than 40 have been retrieved by SCI, and 1 invention patent has been authorized. Senior Member of Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, and Steel Research International, International Journal of Engine Research and other journals.

Personal link: https://mec.dlmu.edu.cn/info/1115/2521.htm

Title: The Application of Electronic Devices in Ocean Engineering

Abstract: Exploring the ocean is an important direction for future development, and ships, offshore platforms and underwater equipment in ocean engineering cannot do without the support of electronic devices. This report takes the widely used marine steel in marine engineering as an example to explore quality control and monitoring in the manufacturing process of marine steel. During the continuous casting process of marine steel, the solidification of slab always deviates from ideal state, the non-uniform heat transfer, deformation and friction have been the major reason of slab defects, which becomes the key factor to improve slab quality. Rationally connect numeral simulation and measured data to investigate the asymmetric and non-uniform character during mold, and discuss the key factors which would affect the slab quality such as heat transfer/solidification, stress/deformation, friction/lubrication and gap distribution under real conditions, is one of the key point of the research. In view of this, this study collects production data in real time through electronic devices such as thermocouples, combines measured data with numerical simulation, and monitors and regulates the quality of the production process of marine steel.


Prof. Yiming Zhang

Fuzhou University, China

Brief Introduction: Professor Yiming Zhang is the recipient of the National Youth Talent Program, “Minjiang” Scholar of Fujian Province, a full professor and Ph.D supervisor of Fuzhou University, and IEEE Senior Member. He was recognized as the World’s Top 2% Scientist by Elsevier. His research interest is power electronics and wireless power transfer. He has authored one book from Springer and published more than 100 technical papers in renowned journals and conference proceedings. He has an H-index of 31 and has won multiple excellent conference papers including ECCE, EVS, EVCP, and CIEEC. He was recognized as the Outstanding Reviewer for EEE TPEL and TIE. He is the PI of the Excellent Youth Project and Youth Fund from National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Outstanding Youth Project of Fujian Provincial Natural Science Foundation.

Personal link: https://dqxy.fzu.edu.cn/info/1111/3840.htm

Title: Anti-Misalignment Design of a Magnetically Coupled Wireless Power Transfer System

AbstractMagnetically coupled wireless power transfer (MC-WPT) has widely been academically studied and commercially applied. Typical applications include wireless charging for mobile phones and electric vehicles. One of the challenging issue concerning MC-WPT is the misalignment tolerance, which is normally inevitable in practical applications. In this tutorial, the basic theory of the MC-WPT technology is presented. The misalignment issue and its impact are analyzed. From the perspective of magnetic couplers, compensation networks, power electronics converters and control, the state-of-the-art anti-misalignment designs of a MC-WPT system are studied. Key anti-misalignment techniques are summarized.


Prof. Fucai Yuan

Huanghe S & T University, China

Brief Introduction: Yuan Fucai is a distinguished professor of the Yellow River Institute of Science and Technology and a professor of Henan University of Technology. He is also a peer review expert of the National Natural Science Foundation, a review expert of National major research and development projects, a peer review expert of the Doctoral Foundation of the Ministry of Education, a director of the National Association of Interchangeability and Measurement Technology, a chief science popularization expert of Henan Province, a special commissioner of science and Technology of Henan Province, a leading innovation talent of Zhengzhou City, a local outstanding contribution talent of Zhengzhou City, and a science popularization expert of Zhengzhou City. Guest reviewer of core journals such as Journal of Computational Mechanics.

In recent years, he has published more than 40 academic papers in professional academic journals. Editor-in-chief and participated in editing 6 monographs (or textbooks); Obtained 7 authorized national patents; 5 science and technology awards at provincial and ministerial level or above; Presided over and participated in 16 provincial and ministerial level and above scientific research projects. His research interests include: robot technology and theory; Intelligent machinery and engineering.

Title: Analysis and comprehensive research of underwater hull surface cleaning robot


Prof. Zhanyou Cui

Huanghe S & T University, China

Brief Introduction: Zhanyou Cui, Associate Professor, doctoral supervisor, CCF member, Senior Member of China Vibration Engineering Society. His main research interests are superstructure and propagation characteristics of physical waves in superstructure. He has published more than 10 academic papers, 2 translated works and 1 university textbook. More than 10 authorized invention patents, won the first prize of Shaanxi University Science and Technology Award. Participated in 2 national key basic research and development programs; Participated in 1 national high-tech research and development plan; Presided over the Acoustic metamaterial Engineering Technology Research Center of Henan Province; He presided over and participated in 2 key research and development and promotion projects (science and technology research) in Henan Province.

TitleA forbidden band expansion based on acoustic superstructure